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Root canal therapy

We usually recommend root canal treatment when the pulp of the tooth becomes severely inflamed or infected, either following decay, large restorations or injury. The pulp is the soft, live bit inside the tooth, and runs right through the root, carrying the nerve supply and nutrients. When part or all the nerve dies the pressure inside the tooth can lead to pain and infection.

Root canal treatment can be quite lengthy – because the area we are treating is so small, it takes a great deal of skill and patience.

During the first visit, usually an emergency appointment because of the pain, we will need to remove the pulp. We numb the tooth and the surrounding area first so that you do not feel any pain, and then use special tiny tools to take the pulp away. The tooth will need to settle down, so we will give it a soothing dressing and temporary filling.

On your next visit, we will carry out the root treatment shaping, disinfecting and filling the root canal system and use x-rays to help us. In more complex teeth this may take more than one visit. At the end we then place either a temporary or permanent filling material in the tooth and usually arrange another couple of appointments to place a crown or onlay over the tooth. This is because root canal treatment weakens the tooth and it will need strengthening.

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