Corona virus (COVID-19)



Unfortunately we are still temporarily closed for face to face dental care and still awaiting instruction from our Chief dental officer and Public Health England on when we can re open. You may find when we do open there will be some significant changes but we will let you know about these as soon as we have more information.
In the meantime we want you to know we are still available for advice for any dental problem by leaving a message on our answer phone or sending us an e-mail.
If you do have a dental emergency or would like any dental advice then please contact us and leave a message on our answer phone and a dentist will get back to you during normal working hours. Please do not go to any emergency department or contact your GP. They are really busy, can not help you and you have a greater risk of catching the corona virus in these areas.
There are dental hubs now open where patients with certain dental emergencies are treated. These hubs are chosen practices for access to all patients and priority is not given to patients of that practice. However they can only see very limited numbers and do very limited treatment and can only be accessed through referral from a dentist.
A dental emergency will only be classed as the following,trauma,bleeding from a recent extraction socket ,swelling and feeling systemically unwell, and severe pain that can not be controlled with the usual painkillers.
Please be aware broken dentures, lost fillings, lost crowns are no longer considered emergencies. However we can give advice.
So we are hoping to see you all before too long and thank you for your patience. In the meantime stay safe, follow guidelines and please look after those teeth.