At our practice, a key aspect of the dental care we provide is focused on helping our patients keep their teeth for life.

Good dentistry is all about helping patients preserve their teeth for as long as possible, though regular check-ups and providing them with help and advice on looking after their teeth and gums.

However, in some cases, despite all of our best efforts, some of our patients find that they do have to loose teeth. While with modern dentistry there are many other alternatives to replacing these teeth, dentures (false teeth) can still be a good option.

A full denture, also called a complete denture, is one that replaces all the teeth at the top or the bottom of your mouth. A partial denture is one that fills spaces left by missing teeth.

At Wichelstowe Dental Care we offer a choice of dentures, enabling you to choose the ones best suited to your mouth and your budget.

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